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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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texas, a fertilizer plant caught fire in waco texas. 5 to 15 people have been killed, 160 others were hurt. whopping wong is developing all the latest, claudine? this is still a search and rescue and that fertilizer plan is still smoldererring. there are hundreds of first responders and the injured is more than 160. >> that is cell phone video of the blast that leveled self blocks of that town. keep in mind, it exploded after it had already been burning for several minutes so a team of
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volunteer firefighters and one police officer had already arrived on scene. >> i can tell you we are still missing several firefighters on the scene fighting the fire. the explosion occurred while they were actively trying to put that fire out. there was a law enforcement official on that scene as well, they were working with the fire department in some type of capacity. >> it is believed firefighters and the law enforcement officer are among the dead. including the utter devastation of this tiny town, a 50 unit apartment building has been described as a skeleton. and a nursing home also has several injuries. >> i don't want to get into full detail, there were people in critical danger and some people needed to be taken care
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of. and there were a few toddlers in danger so i was helping them also. >> add to that, you have the chemical concerns, a moan yum night trait -- ammonia night traits and people have been moved away from that area and they are sheltering in place and they are trying to check in and the mayor asked for prayers and said quote, we are going to search for everybody and make sure everybody is accounted for and that's the most important thing right now. whopping wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> all right, claude teen. the blast was so strong it tossed a seismic event. that by the of entity from the blast set off ground waives. stay right here with us for updates of the texas explosion
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and we will have more updates coming up at 5:30. >> happening now, the site of the ceremony to mark the san francisco earthquake is now evacuated. tara moriarty is there on market street where the bomb squad is responding to a suspicious package and this is where everybody meets but i guess now they have to move them. >> reporter: that's right, we just got word everybody moved to union square and this is the first time they will not be able to hold the celebration and they were sitting on the corner of montgomery and there were a lot of folks that would be wondering what is going on and a block in each direction is closed as police inspect a suspicious package and we understand they need a bomb-
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sniffing dog and they don't have one so they are waiting for one from another agency. as you know they meet every year at the fountain where all streets intersect. he is really maintaining his sense of humor saying there is a shelf life on this sort of thing. >> i am ready to read proclamations of authority but i have not had a chance to. >> reporter: it is precisely 5:00 a.m. and it looks like this is the first time that will not happen. as you come back here live you can see cops are yelling at this gentleman who is trying to walk down the area here where they have everything cordoned off and he is being told to get out, again nobody is allowed in a four block perfect ram
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terrible, nobody can get through and traffic is being redirected and if you come you will not be able to take a right but traffic is being rerouted the other way. we understand the ceremony will hamburger at a different location. -- at -- will be at a different location. we are learning more about what happened 9:40 last night, police responded to the home after a man called 911 to say he had stabbed his brother-in- law. when police arrived they say the man came at them with a hammer and they were forced to open fire. >> he had a hammer in his hand beside where he fell after the officers were forced to shoot him. >> the suspect died at the hospital, the man who was stabbed is in serious
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condition. we are following a major break in the boston marathon bombing case and nationwide, they are circuiting -- circulating photos of two men with backpacks running the other way and a man ran from one of the bomb sites. as one seemed to be dazed and slow to react, this man moves quickly through the crowd and the man who took it has his own theory. >> maybe he was burned and fleeing. >> they scheduled several conferences but for some reason, all of those news briefings were canceled. and in about a half hour, first lady obama and president barack
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obama will be going to the area. coming up, the action president barack obama took last night to help with the relief efforts in boston. here is more on what is going none san francisco, is that the bomb scare? is it going to affect traffic? >> yes, and i spoke to muni and bart, they are running and getting through. some of those exits are closed. if you want to be safe just go to powell or embarcadero instead but they are running. we are off to a steady and slow start and traffic is moving along well so far coming to the bay bridge toll plaza -- plaza and there are no troubles getting into san francisco.
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also 580 westbound to caster moore -- to livermore and caster valley, i just heard they are reopening the area, are they going to start reopening market street? that is the latest we just heard coming up. and we have lows running 5 to 10 degrees cooler and all of the observations are coming up coming up and things are a lot quieter windwise. fog might come back into the picture friday and saturday. early next week it is looking warmer. there was a lot of 50s, 52 san francisco, 51 in oakland, noticeably cooler and there is fog up there and water
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temperatures are really cold. 47 by the fair lawns, even santa barbara and it would not take much warmth. sunshine with a northerly president, a far cry from anything we have seen, so 70s inland, 50s pie the coast. sunny and warmer. >> a northerly breeze, we have taken wind now and 60s and 70s on the temperature and these are the products i used to forecast highs and i am bumping things up 2 to 4. we have a little bit of fog it might put the cab bash on and warmer weather does kick in. a man accused of kidnapping sierra lamar is expected in court and what happened today that was supposed to happen two
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weeks ago. they are off to find a missing man from hayward.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news it is 5:12 and that means it is happening right now at 5:11 when they mark the 1906 earthquake... [ sirens ] >> that is the siren, right on
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time, marking that event of the ceremony always held at the fountain because that of course was the meeting place after the 1906 earthquake but it had to be moved because a suspicious package was found at the original site and the area had to be evacuated at 5:40 that is a fire hydrant credited with many bring homes and that's something they do as well. 3,000 people died in that earthquake and more than 80% of the people destroyed, they are marking the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. in just a couple of minutes, president barack obama will leave the white house and head for boston. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom,
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the president is honoring the victims from the marathon bombings, kyla? >> reporter: the first lady is joining the president and they are scheduled to leave in five minutes from now. the president will be speaking not far from the devastating scene of the finish line of the boston marathon. his opponents, mitt romney will also be at that interfaith service this morning. last night president barack obama declared a state of emergency in massachusetts and authorizes homeland security and fema to coordinate disaster relief efforts. >> as the president said, we will find out who did this, we will find out why and we will bring those responsible to justice. >> the governor of massachusetts said -- first lady michelle obama expressed interest at visiting victims at
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the hospital but also did not want to be disruptive and she tells me she can not confirm any of those plans at this hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also this morning, north korea is laying out new plans in order to resume talks about its nuclear program. in a statement north korea is looking to the end of south korea and north korea military drills. u.s. and south korea should apologize for what they are calling provocative acts against north korea and they call the demands from the north i will logical. a federal judge in denver said they can proceed against the company who owns the colorado movie theater where several were shot and killed last summer. they could potentially be found libel for holding land owners responsible. several have been filed over
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the july 20thth mass shooting and they claim they were aware of previous crimes at the theater and failed to provide adequate security. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar, jar antolin garcia- torres was supposed to enter a plea. sierra lemar was last seen leaving her home in morgan hill more than a year ago. a $10,000 reward is being offered for a missing man from hayward. he may be the victim of foul play. he was last seen in downtown oakland 11 days ago. his cell phone has not been used since he was reported missing and there has been no activity on his bank account. his rental car was found a couple of days after he he was
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last seen. there are tighter restrictions and they have held a permit for a new 9,000 seat pavilion. that request was to help him mitt noise and now they are trying to keep the pavilion from being built. a hearing is set for may 8th. starting monday, a ban on plastic bags takes affect in certain cities, that does not include east palo alto and bands in that city will start later this year. after january 15thth each paper bag will cost a quarter. >> i feel like i have to apologize when i go to the
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stores and i forget my bags, i say oh, i'm sorry i forgot my bags. they are letting people walk through and we'll see what happens and the tape has come down and you can see police cars are blocking people from taking market street but people are allowed to walk, there is not that many people right now but i assume they will be opening to traffic soon and we'll see and let you know when that does happen. if the police cars are not moved, market street is open between third and month come are you and -- montgomery and we will let you know when they are open for cars and trucks. let's look at the westbound bay
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bridge and there is no problems coming into san francisco but a light delay. road sensor are picking up light traffic and for the most part it looks good. let's go to sal. it is record dry. we had huge monday tuesday wednesday but again there is all a big boo in weather and we'll see a slow models which have been way to low on the temperatures. we are still above average yesterday was 65, a lot of 40s much more compared to yesterday, it is less than 5 miles per hour, a far cry from
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what we have seen lately. high pressure is tonight nateing but it has been cut in half and high pressure is settling in, a cooler morning, higher elevations are on the coast, you can still pick up the president, there will are be cash to there will be temperatures coming up and any time you get warmer weather inel valley it brings the sun back. it does look warmer and with your weekend in view, warmer temperatures especially early next week. european markets right now are up after listing a low overnight. it is a different story on the pacific rim. south korea, japan, only 90%.
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reason reports from china and economic reports have triggered sell offs. it does look positive, the dow jones industrial average, nasdaq, s&p 500 all taking a hit but analysts say the weekly jobless claims coming out in ten minutes are going to be more important than usual since we had a surprisingly weak march. apple hit its lowest point, falling to less than $400 yesterday. it bounced back slightly, closed at $430 per share. apple's stock is down 42% from $505 a share. one money management group says it could fall into the 300s. >> did you ever think you would say that in. >> i wish i bought it.
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investigation into the boston marathon pointing, why cell video is more helpful that surveillance video, stay tuned.
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richard. major will lead the -- mayor jean quan will lead the
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area despite the owner's team to move the team to san francisco. well, last night's highlight in the win over portland, stefan curry broke the season shot record and made 273 points and will meet with denver colorado sunday afternoon. candle stick park drew dozens of fans in the wake of the bombing. no major problems were reported. the game ended by the way in a scoreless tie. a big part of the investigation into the bombing is analyzing surveillance and cell phone video. we spoke to video forensics experts to see what they were looking for and even if the images were not clear, high tech software can help them to
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identify a suspect. they also can figure out how to identify their height. it's more likely to read that a suspect than surveillance video. >> they capture the incident which is far away but typically a cell phone who captures the incident is relatively close. >> we will have a live update from boston. back over to sal, this is first open to market street and now they have opened it completely. i just saw the line move and the streetcar is above the service car and you can see it is moving. third street has been reopened and market street has been reopened between third and montgomery and buses and cars,
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it looks like it is back to normal here. it had been closed and now has been reopened. >> we go on and taking a look, this traffic looks good heading to the south bay, let's go to steve. it is a little bit cooler here, the breeze and tailed off and there is a component and it would not take much to get that fog going. sunny and warmer and 60s and 70s being pam. coming up next, a massive explosion at attention as fertilizer plant. the reason police are calling it a crime scene even though there is no evidence of foul play. police are calling it a smash and grab robbery after three men targeted a macy's store inside of a popular maul.
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-- mall.
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. well, good morning to you, welcome back, it is thursday, april 18thth, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, it is now 5:30 steve is joining us with a little weather. >> it is not as much wind. lately people have been telling me, what is up with this wind, a little warmer on the highs, lots of 70s inland. here is sal.
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traffic is moving along well, traffic is looking good on northbound 280 getting up to 17 and also the traffic is moving along well to the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsular, let's go back to the desk. 5:30 between 5 and 15 people killed and more than 10 have been -- 160 have been hurt. that factory was in a tiny community 20 miles northwest of waco. it was incredible the plant was on fire when a couple captured the blast on a cell phone camera. the fire and subsequent explosions, reigning down, burning embers and it leveled the area including several houses a school and a nursing
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home. >> i just know it was so loud and all i could see was fire just as high as could be and just like i said, boom, boom. >> it shook the ground and registered a 2. 1 seismic event. although there was no evidence a fire was intentionally set, investigators are calling it a crime scene just as a precaution. the changing winds are helping and the company was cited back in 2006. the company failed to qualify for a perm knit. somebody had lodge -- permit. somebody lodged a complaint about an ammonia smell that lingered overnight. we will have updates throughout the morning and we will have
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claudine wong with the latest information coming up at 6:00. happening right now, we have been following this story in market street, they are reopening after a suspicious package and tara moriarty joins us to show us how this early morning bomb scare affected them. >> basically they could not have it and the chief told us around 3:00 this morning, a man with a hooded sweatshirt dropped off a black package and obviously security was concerned. as you take a look behind me, you can see traffic is slowing now on market streets but what ended up happening was that the bomb squad ended up -- they thought that he had walked away and they brought a robot and there was an investigation with
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that robot so a bomb petition anything had to be opened and pedestrian traffic is being allowed and we are on the corner market and montgomery, one block in each direction of the fountain were shut down while police inspected the suspicious package. this is where everybody ended up for the ceremony and there are still ceremonies going on there. ed lee is there right now and people are gathering and waiting for what will be happening next. if we take a look at what happened exactly 5:11 that is the moment when the ceremony begins to commemorate that moment, you can see the
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ceremony did if 0 which is where concern any and father are you have a meeting place but this year it didn't happen so they had to sort of make day and as you mentioned there will be more part of the ceremony that will take place throughout the morning and we will get more information but every precaution was taken to make sure everybody was safe. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the fbi arrested a man accused of sending letters with poison, to the president and senator and a judge.
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we will have the possible motive the manhasset for sending those letters. three men smashed the local county of a macy's store, inside the men had their faces covered and they are accused of leaving the scene in a camry. they may have picked up another car but do not have any description of that car. time now 5:36 and we are still following the latest developments from the boston marathon bombing and right now president barack obama and the first lady are on their way to boston. patty lee is there where the president is expected to speak, patty? >> reporter: we are live at the cathedral of the holy cross and as you can see there is a long
5:37 am
line of people many of whom have waited long hours to get to go and see him. also two bay area students, boston university students, one named emily, we want to take a quick interview about why you are here? >> well, first because of president barack obama and secondly, everybody knows there is a boston grad student who was killed in the explosion lu lingzi, and we are here to honor her as well. >> how has this affected you? >> i have never seen anything like this in my life and when i went to the barricade, as soon as i saw the flowers i started crying and it is beautiful that every one has come together as an entire nation and the world and i also think it is amazing that the marathon runners are running with their hands over their hearts and it's really
5:38 am
special how they are trying to help the world heel. >> reporter: we want to talk more about the kind of security we are waiting for the former governor mitt romney to speak, they are obviously expecting president barack obama to give remarks that will uplift the community and we spoke about the investigation and this is what we know so far. there are pictures of toes men who were spotted near the finish line. these are pictures of a man running from the bomb site while other people are slow to react, they look dazed and that led the man who took these pictures to his own theories about why. >> either he was badly burned panicked and fleeing or he was
5:39 am
fleeing for some other reason. >> officially the fbi is not confirming that development. now i called the next previousing and we will have are who on what is circulating around the country. people are now starting to center this church, the cathedral of the holy cross where they are expecting to hear the president speak and he is being accompanied by the first lady and we will bring you all of those remarks when we see you later this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news. boston marathon bombings have led to tighter security across the country and there will be plenty of security at
5:40 am
the shark tank let talk about that. >> they will be playing and police want to make sure everybody is safe so they are taking it and to be on the lookout doing a bomb sweep before the game and these actions are not related to any specific threat but authorities are doing this as a precautionary measure in light of what happened in boston. we now spoke to somebody who is now teaching terrorism and intelligence studies and he sheds different light on sports venues. >> in the stadium or a coliseum, you can check people as they go in and out because there are special exits, but in a place like the marathon or
5:41 am
beta breakers people wonder in. >> they are also in contact to increase overall awareness. they will continue to make sure they are alive and there are flags flying at half staff to honor any of the victims from the boston marathon. and you will hear from sharks' fans as the morning goes on. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, janine, let's go back to sal, there is a problem in vacaville, what happened in. >> that is right, it is a very serious crash. they closed 80 eastbound to land medical helicopter and
5:42 am
east 80 is closed at dixon whether we evacuated just before dixon road. one person was ejected and that person is being transported but the helicopter has to leave first. let's look at traffic in potential directions here at the oakland coliseum and it does look good in potential directions and when you get to the toll plaza it looks good westbound coming into san francisco. let's go to steve. thank you sal. water temperatures are really cold. there is some fog upstream and we will keep an eye on that for friday. sunshine and a northerly emphasis not so much on wind. high pressure is kicking in and
5:43 am
temperatures may be slower than i am hitting at. from the great lakes, 91 yesterday and 31 today. it will cause delays into the deep south and great lakes just hammering chicago so if you have travel plans you will be delayed. back home, it is much quieter and cooler and there is still a component of a northerly breeze for most. fairfield is getting a delta briefs and it is 36 tahoe and they were really cold while we were warm. bought a cooler morning,
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everything was going crazy. they will slightly above average and we will be held in check with that fog coming back but signs of a warmer pattern sunday and monday. new chilling details in an off actuality killing, the shocking information they received what caused five teenagers to shoot and kill. president barack obama voted against new gun control legislation. it is between walnut creek and oakland, we have not a bad view, but we have your traffic and forecast straight ahead.
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. welcome back, market street in downtown san francisco was shut down hours ago because of a suspicious package. that forced them to move the ceremony to union square. the ceremony was usually held at the fountain on market. the federal bureau of alcohol tobacco and fire arms are now investigating that fire at a texas fertilizer plant. right now they are estimating as many as five people and as many as 15 have been killed, 160 hurt and 60 homes damaged or destroyed. rescue and cadaver dogs as well as bomb snipping dogs are send to that area. they shot and killed a man who
5:48 am
came ought them and this happened in the petrillo home. he called 911 to say he had stabbed his brother-in-law. 34-year-old quinn bauer was shot and killed in an attempted carjacking on april 2nd in the oakland hills. five teens, ages 16 and under have been arrested and police say the teens attacked quinn bauer for fun. yesterday the suspects were in court for a juvenile detention hearing and they will be back in court june 4th. they are expressing outrage at new legislation reuse iting gun violence. vice-president joseph biden
5:49 am
read the result of the vote. >> several family members were there in the valley for th vote. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords writes in the new york times this morning that she is furious with the senators who opposed the new gun regulations and president barack obama accuses them of being afraid of the nra. >> they are worried the they would paint them as anti second amendment and obviously republicans had that fear but democrats had that fear too so they caved under the pressure. >> the national rival a -- rifle association said as we have noted previous sly expanding background checks, it will not reduce violent crime or keep their kids safe in
5:50 am
school amount. >> it calls for heavy safety and jobs. it includes 280 jobs and they are eliminating 08 jobs and the public will be able to comment before that deadline. sal says there is a crash in livermore valley and that's never good for those people out there. >> it's not good because it will affect the 580 commute from livermore to dublin. east of 680, they have issued a sig alert and that means this will be there for a while. it is a big alert and one of the parties was pipped inside, one of the trucks and they have actually dollars them to come in on the shoulder.
5:51 am
again 580 westbound and if this is your commute, tie an alternate route because you have been warned, this is a terrible commute and i want to mention traffic is moving along relatively well and let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge, the traffic does not look at all that good. also this morning, if we are driving on northbound 101, this traffic in san francisco looks pretty good. let's go to steve. it is a little cooler, the breeze has tailed off for most, and it doesn't mean we are in some higher gusts but the last couple of days, today it would be a little quieter and warmer but water temperatures are cooler down to bodega bay.
5:52 am
although looking warmer. it was mid-50s and still hugging on to some lower 50s. speaking of that, 65 and that's slightly above average, starting off at 51 and we have a high of 60 which is a little above average. clear skies, that is fog and we have a weak system to the north which might keep us warming up and there is still a northerly breeze but that will not be bad with some of the higher elevations and we have 70s or 60s for most here today and sunshine, a little bit warmer coming up slightly and a cooler morning, northerly breeze, it brings temperatures in the 70s downtown brings us closer to the bay. 60s on the coast and everyone is pretty close, temperatures i have held it in check and we
5:53 am
have a warmup on sunday and monday. the labor department report is the number of people seeking first time unemployment benefits, 352000 people filed initial jobless claims and that's up 4,000 from the week before and it does follow a disappointing week from march. it shows they remain soft with only modest hiring and i am keeping an eye on futures and it looks like they are responding favorably, a little high on the opening. investigating sabotage in the south bay, utility equipment caused an uncoordinated attack. plus a high speed chase in southern california. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. investigators say the substation was part of a coordinated act of sabotage. they are using a high powered rifle early tuesday and they also cut near a fiber optic line which knocked out service and caused some problems for
5:57 am
people in the area. they are offering a reward in the case. time now 5:56 a bizarre high-speed chase ends strangely. they spotted areckless driver in malibu and they started tailing this man in ventura county. they got out, faced police and that's when they started dancing and walked right towards the police. you see what happened after that and he was eventually wrestled to the ground and was arrested. goating close to 6:00, i always hate it but a lot of people are stuck with no alternate route. >> a quick update, we have another update, injury crash with two lanes blocked into livermore out of pleasanton. also on the sunole grade it does look good.
5:58 am
let's go back to the desk. claudine wong is covering this, a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco. they will tell you how they defected the plants at the 1906 earthquake. and we will have forecasted highs in just two minutes.
5:59 am